I am Jimit Rangras

I am a DevOps Engineer and I work towards crafting solutions
so as to help Enterprises with their Digital Transformation Journey
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About Me

Hi, I am Jimit Rangras, I am a DevOps Engineer based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IN. I am mostly inclined towards crafting solutions revolving around Cloud Computing, DevOps, Digital Engineering so as to help Enterprises with their Digital Transformation Journey. I am also inclined towards delivering talks at various Tech Events, Meetups and involved in research on various areas in Cloud computing.

I am a Seasoned Professional with hands on experience of working in DevOps and Cloud Computing. Have worked on different Cloud Platforms such as Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure and DevOps tools and processes such as CI/CD using Jenkins, Contanizeration using Docker. Intend to incline my career towards more and more research and development in Cloud and DevOps.


Cloud Operations

Cloud Infrastructure operations using various cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Digital Ocean, Vultr, etc.


Automating the end to end build and deployment process across multiple environments.


Dealing with popular container management tools such as Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, etc

Technical Support

Providing technical support and consultation to clients in order to resolve issues in various environments.

Cloud Engineering

Crafting enterprise graded scalable infrastructure by leveraging best solutioning practices in cloud in order to achieve resiliency and security.

Continuous Monitoring

Crafting solutions revolving around monitoring and operational intelligence so as to enable Site Reliability Engineering.



DevOps Engineer @ IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd.

December 2019 - Present

Currently working as a DevOps Engineer at IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd, wherein I am responsible for crafting solutions that are revolving around various use-cases of Cloud Computing and DevOps, my core responsibilities include working on various aspects of Build Release Engineering by leveraging various CI/CD tools to automate the end to end code deployment process across multiple environment as well as ensuring proper automated code quality analysis to ensure that right code is being deployed also working on helping various clients in crafting their Cloud Infrastructure by leveraging best services from various cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), providing end to end consulting to clients right from the Cloud / DevOps architecture design as well as end to end implementation of the same.


Associate Engineer - DevOps @ Infostretch

May 2018 - December 2019

Worked as an Associate Engineer in DevOps at Infostretch wherein I worked on crafting solutions in Cloud and DevOps for various Enterprise customers wherein I was involved in defining Cloud architectures suitable as per the application / software needs using various services of AWS such as EC2, ECS, RDS, Lambda, S3, Cloudwatch, etc. Worked on creating solutions revolving around CI/CD including development of CI and CD workflows using various CI tools such as Jenkins using various concepts such as Pipeline as Code, Multibranch Pipelines, Shared Library covering end to end aspects from code checkin to the repository to deployment in respective environments, build promotion strategies for deploying to higher environments such as staging, production as well as rollback strategies.


Trainee Engineer @ Infostretch

Feb 2018 - May 2018

Worked as a Trainee Engineer at Infostretch wherein I was responsible for developing Cloud Native solutions for various customers by leveraging various AWS Cloud services, worked on various projects wherein I got a chance to work on developing backend APIs in Node.js using serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda, NOSQL database services such as DynamoDB, API Gateway, Cloudformtation, API Testing tools such as Postman, etc.


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